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The Bully

I have a bully

She follows me around

Whispers in my ear




Telling me I’m wrong

That I am weak and not strong

Makes me distrustful

And causes me trouble

She never lets me forget

Makes me feel under threat

And I can’t protect myself

From the bully in my head..

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Phoenix : part one

Little bird

Flying free

Didn’t know what she should be

Flittered and fluttered

Landed and played

Found fellow fledglings

But all of them fade

Cold and alone

She struggled to feed

To try and stay warm

She snuggled in trees

Without fellow feather

She couldn’t survive

The freezing cold weather

Drew out her life

Her body was still

The light in her wanes

A single sparks will

In her beady eye stayed…

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Crow #writephoto


The crows are crowded

And shrouded above where we can’t see

They are plotting our fate

And making us wait

for care we so desperately need.

The clouds have gathered

Ice flows melt

Dreams are shattered

Fate is dealt

We wait and hope that the slippery slope

Won’t take our feet from under

The crows fly high above the waste

The world fallen asunder.

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Restful now.

I watch you sleep

Your dreams

Inside your mind I would peep.

To See

To know

To understand

To be the parent I’d always planned.

I would teach

I would know

Be the one to help you grow

Your mind can be a mystery

To all of us around

In seeing its simplicity

Never lost

Still found.

My son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Nothing in my life is more rewarding than him. It’s hard, he is 9 and I have never had a real conversation with him. We tiptoe through the world of communication using skills and ways we have been taught. We are getting better all the time at communicating with each other. It’s become another level of existence and it’s a wonderful place to be.

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Photo prompt round up – Window #writephoto — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Windows * Within or without Perception or perspective Where I am standing A frozen vision falters Defining separation * Poised transparency Divides to illuminate Inner and outer States of being held apart Illusory barriers * Fragrance of roses Grown beneath a sunlit sky Calling me onwards From within I am without Wider horizons beckon * […]

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Still – written for #writephoto challenge

Thanks for the opportunity to take part of in the #writephoto challenge.

The vines climb

And over time

Cling to glass

Holding tight

This is her window

Her view on the world

She watches the roses bloom and fade

Bloom and fade

She is happy here

Her view is sweet



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The Smile

Like a drug I can’t possibly OD on

It makes me still

It makes me calm

It makes me warm

Your smile

It doesn’t need a prescription

And I am happy with my addiction

All I need (except for weed 😜)

Is to see your smile

Just for a while

(For Jacko.. you are the love of my life 💕)