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Crow #writephoto


The crows are crowded

And shrouded above where we can’t see

They are plotting our fate

And making us wait

for care we so desperately need.

The clouds have gathered

Ice flows melt

Dreams are shattered

Fate is dealt

We wait and hope that the slippery slope

Won’t take our feet from under

The crows fly high above the waste

The world fallen asunder.

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Photo prompt round up – Window #writephoto — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Windows * Within or without Perception or perspective Where I am standing A frozen vision falters Defining separation * Poised transparency Divides to illuminate Inner and outer States of being held apart Illusory barriers * Fragrance of roses Grown beneath a sunlit sky Calling me onwards From within I am without Wider horizons beckon * […]

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Still – written for #writephoto challenge

Thanks for the opportunity to take part of in the #writephoto challenge.

The vines climb

And over time

Cling to glass

Holding tight

This is her window

Her view on the world

She watches the roses bloom and fade

Bloom and fade

She is happy here

Her view is sweet