‘I am 45 and I have always felt invisible.   This page is my attempt to find myself.. finally.

I have lived with anxiety and been at the mercy of my own thoughts for all of my life.  I have recently been practicing mindfulness meditation and being present in this moment only, however, I also need a place to put my memories as I try to discover who I am.’

November 2020 EDIT: I wrote that above in February 2018 when I was still figuring all this out.  Since then I have come to realise and ask for help with what I believe will be a diagnosis of ASD/ADD/ADHD.  I asked for help from the doctor in November 2020.  I am now 48.  I have started studying my degree again and I am ready to learn about myself again under a new light, the diagnosis will put a lot of my experiences in my life in perspective.